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We Offer Free Appraisals

We are happy to help appraise antique or vintage Coca-Cola trays so that you can be confident what they’re worth. Whether it’s just a single tray you found at an antique mall, or an entire collection we are here to assist you.

We Buy Trays From All Eras

While our primary focus is on the oldest Coca-Cola trays from 1897 up to around 1940, we are on the lookout for uncommon or desirable trays in good condition from the more recent past. If you have a tray to sell, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to get our best offer.

We Help Authenticate Trays

With both officially licensed Coca-Cola reproductions and imitations, there are a lot of non-original trays out there and they can sometimes fool even expert collectors. We are happy to take a look at your tray and help you determine if it’s an original tray or a reproduction.

We Buy Antique Coca-Cola Trays
Antique Coca-Cola Tray Values
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